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In the rapidly evolving area of blockchain technology, effective self-regulation has become key in the light of probably upcoming regulation affecting areas such as initial coin offerings (ICOs), funds which invest in cryptocurrencies as part of their portfolio, and other novel projects brought about by the advent of blockchain technology. Self-regulation becomes fundamentally important when structuring any projects created in a yet-unregulated environment, which naturally makes such a task more difficult than if it were to be developed in a regulated framework.

That is where the assistance of professionals becomes invaluable. Blockchain Advisory Ltd is a leading distributed ledger technology (DLT) advisory firm which has actively worked on numerous blockchain-based and cryptocurrency-related projects such as token generation events, cryptocurrency funds, and cryptocurrency exchanges. Its partners, Jonathan Galea and Anton Dalli, boast of over nine years’ worth of collective experience in the blockchain space, and offer a holistic suite of advisory services ranging from legal advice to fundamental knowledge vis-à-vis project structures.


Our services range from custom and specific advisory services in relation to initial coin offerings and token generation events, to assistance in setting up cryptocurrency-focused funds and exchange platforms. In spite of the wide gamut of services, our goal remains singular: that of ensuring that our clients receive the best assistance possible backed with some of the longest-ranging experience in the sector. Whatever project our clients intend to pursue, we can ascertain the best structure possible and access to an extensive network of blockchain and cryptocurrency-experienced professionals so as to deliver end-to-end solutions.

ICO Advisor

Here at BCA we can provide support for your ICO in the form of advisory services which would cover the fundamentals of the ICO and high-level technical aspects thereof, such as the choice of the issuing platform, structuring of the ICO, ideal consensus mechanism and ICO target audience.

Legal Opinions

A legally-compliant project or venture, whether an ICO, an exchange, or a crypto-fund, is a must in view of the ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny of authorities. In light of this, BCA offers legal opinions covering the regulatory status at the then-current time, covering the legal standing of the token to be issued during the ICO, the structure of an exchange, or the running of a crypto-fund.


Giving value to one’s own token is the key to long-term success. Token quantity, utility value, and user interaction are aspects which we at BCA can offer advice upon.

Terms & Conditions

The T&Cs essentially form the contractual relationship between the token issuer and the ICO participants. Therefore, the T&Cs are instrumental in ensuring that the terms of the relationship are clear and legally sound.


Knowing who the ICO participants are has become an important requirement in ICOs despite the lack of regulatory clarity. AML measures must be implemented, with BCA providing guidance on such measures.


An analysis from a fundamentals perspective ensures that the project proposition is business-viable in the long-term, and that the concept is ideal for marriage with distributed ledger technology.

ICO Exposure

The team at BCA is often present at various international blockchain conferences, with the Managing Partner, Jonathan, participating as a keynote speaker in such events. Due to the team’s profile, the ICO would benefit from further prominent exposure.

Introducing Contacts

BCA boasts of an extensive network of international contacts, both within the blockchain industry and outside, so as to cater for every need of the ICO project. This includes introductions to industry leaders who may serve upon the ICO advisory board.

Advisory Board

Including any or all of BCA’s team members on one’s ICO advisory board acts as reassurance for ICO participants and other interested parties alike.

Legal Support

We are more than happy to offer long-term legal support for any blockchain-related or cryptocurrency-related venture which you may wish to run, including exchanges, crypto-funds, airdrops, or moving one’s own business onto the blockchain.


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Dr Jonathan Galea
Managing Director
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Anton Dalli

Dr Jonathan Galea
Managing Director

Jonathan Galea has considerable experience in the blockchain sector ranges from a close study on the developing regulation in the area to hands-on experience in the technical and economic aspects of cryptocurrencies, one of the most widely-adopted uses of the blockchain so far.

Jonathan’s LL.D. (Doctorate of Laws) thesis was titled “The Effect of Bitcoin on Money Laundering Law”, and being completed in May 2015, it was one of the first ever legal theses on the subject. He has been following developments in the area for four years and moreover has also participated as a keynote speaker in several conferences both in Malta and abroad, covering the legal, technical and economic aspects thereof.

Jonathan’s expertise lies in legal advice on regulatory matters related to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies in general as well as technical advice on blockchains and platforms built on top of them (from a fundamental perspective). He is an active member in various crypto-communities and is experienced in the mining, trading, investing and analysis of cryptocurrencies.

Jonathan is also the president of Bitmalta, the first non-profit association in Malta dedicated to advocating the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies with particular focus on the Maltese islands. Moreover, apart from completing various courses related to blockchain technologies and attending various seminars, Jonathan has also successfully completed the “Programming in C” course with Ice Malta, thus giving him further insight on the intricacies of programming languages since this programming language served as a basis for most modern languages.

Anton Dalli

Anton Dalli holds a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration from Henley Business School, and a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Computing and Information Systems from the University of London.

Anton has been involved in the IT industry for more than 20 years. He started his career in I.T. with one of the leading food import and distribution companies in Malta, as a Systems Developer but quickly progressed to the post of IT Manager. He has always been a handson IT professional and during the years, he was responsible for the development and implementation of the Company’s strategic ICT plan including infrastructure and security and was instrumental in the implementation of various systems including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Document Management, Fleet Management and Business Intelligence (BI) Tools. Although in 2007 he was promoted to the post of Head of Operations and to General Manager in 2011, he remained heavily involved in the IT operations of the Company.

In 2015, Anton joined the Advisory Department with a leading mid-tier audit firm in Malta, where he is involved in various projects with clients in the private and public sector mainly revolving around business analysis, planning and project management. Due to his technical background, he manages projects that involve IT system selection, implementation and system controls.

Anton has a keen interest in blockchain technologies and has been following developments in this area for the last two years, including providing advice to private-sector clients in relation to projects revolving around this new technology. His experience developing systems using various programming languages such as C, Java and VB.net gives him the capability to grasp the technical conceptualisation behind blockchain technologies.

ICO Projects

Following are some of the ICO Projects we are working on or have recently completed:

Suncontract ICO  Suncontract is an innovative blockchain-based energy-trading system which removes the intermediaries present in today’s energy markets. Blockchain Advisory Ltd provided blockchain-related and generic legal advice during such project which successfully completed its ICO.




Chimaera ICO BCA is providing blockchain and legal advice throughout this project which is aiming to create a blockchain on which game developers could deploy their creations, and players may also serve as the miners supporting the network through their gameplay.




Blockgaming ICO  BCA is providing blockchain and ICO-specific advice for this project which is building a decentralised casino platform both on a B2B and B2C level. It will be one of the first decentralised casinos to operate legally within Malta.


Undisclosed entity BCA, through its partner TokenKey, is serving as a blockchain adviser to an undisclosed entity, which will be targeting the decentralisation of the so-called sharing economy, of which the current protagonists are localised and centralised.


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LevelNet ICO BCA provided brief ICO advice from a fundamentals perspective to LevelNet, a DLT solution aiming to create a decentralised database of malicious software, which would be accessible by existing anti-virus clients, hence increasing their efficiency and effectiveness.




Fund Platform ICO BCA provided high-level cryptosphere-focused marketing advice to this project which is working towards the creation of a platform from which cryptofunds can be created and launched using the NEM protocol.




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